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2013-12-31: Two uses of fmt
Reversing my view on Python 3 for new general code: avoid it
Link: Alex Gaynor's 'About Python 3'
2013-12-30: My growing entanglement into vi
2013-12-29: Broad thoughts on tags for blog entries
2013-12-28: The era of known top-level domains or valid TLD patterns is mostly over
2013-12-27: A reason to keep tags external in 'entry as file' blog engines
2013-12-26: How ZFS scrubs routinely save us
2013-12-25: Procedures are not documentation
2013-12-24: The 'entry as file' blog engine problem with tags
2013-12-23: A good reason to use write-intent bitmaps
2013-12-22: The benefits of using expendable email addresses for most things
2013-12-21: If you're using Linux's magic SysRq, increase the log level right away
2013-12-20: A realization: on the modern web, everything gets visited
2013-12-19: Your (HTML) template language should have conditionals
2013-12-18: Thinking about what we'll need for reproducible OmniOS installs
2013-12-17: You probably don't want to use Make to build your generated files
2013-12-16: My computers are increasingly sort of Internet terminals
2013-12-15: Making large selections in xterm (and urxvt and Gnome Terminal)
2013-12-14: Why I'm not likely to use Chrome much in the future
2013-12-13: Using cgroups to limit something's RAM consumption (a practical guide)
2013-12-12: Some observations from playing with PyPy on DWiki
2013-12-11: The problem with nondeterministic garbage collection
2013-12-10: My current view of PyPy
2013-12-09: Hardware is weird (disk enclosure edition)
2013-12-08: Sometimes the right thing to do is to stop (and even to give up)
2013-12-07: Things get weird with read-only NFS mounts and atime on Linux
2013-12-06: The three levels of read-only NFS mounts
2013-12-05: Some thoughts on a body of knowledge for system administration
2013-12-04: sudo is not an auditing mechanism
2013-12-03: The three faces of sudo
2013-12-02: What Go has become for me: Python with performance

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