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2014-01-31: Why I now believe that duck typed metaclasses are impossible in CPython
Linux has at least two ways that disks can die
2014-01-30: OmniOS (and by extension Illumos) is pretty much Solaris
2014-01-29: One cause of Linux's popularity among Unixes
2014-01-28: Building software packages yourself is generally a waste (why package selection matters)
2014-01-27: Things that affect how much support you get from a Linux distribution
2014-01-26: Why writing sysadmin tools in Go is getting attractive
2014-01-25: The origin of RCS (the version control system)
2014-01-24: Things I want to remember during a security incident
2014-01-22: Microsoft has become a spam emitter
Security is everyone's job (why Ruby is wrong about OpenSSL)
2014-01-21: Fake versus real metaclasses and what a fully functional metaclass is
2014-01-20: A thought about the popularity of server-side JavaScript
2014-01-19: Some thoughts on structured logging, especially in and for databases
2014-01-18: Your web application should have an audit log
2014-01-16: Link: Armin Ronacher's 'More About Unicode in Python 2 and 3'
Debian does not have long term support
2014-01-15: SELinux fails again (Fedora 20 edition)
Real support periods versus nominal official ones
2014-01-14: The problem with OmniOS's 'build your own' view for Perl and Python
2014-01-13: Sadly, we're moving away from Red Hat Enterprise Linux
2014-01-12: Why I don't want fully automated installs
2014-01-11: Why I am not enthused about Red Hat Enterprise 6
2014-01-10: An interesting recent spam run against one of my machines
2014-01-09: Using different sshd options for different origin hosts
2014-01-08: The good and bad of Linux's NetworkManager
2014-01-06: The problem with compiling your own version of Python 3
Some thoughts on blog front pages in the modern era
2014-01-05: Hard drives really do wear out, so you need a a hardware budget
2014-01-04: One aspect of partial versus full entries on blog front pages
2014-01-03: What determines Python 2's remaining lifetime?
2014-01-02: Python 3's core compatibility problem and decision

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