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2014-02-28: Yet another problem with configuration by running commands
Arguments for explicit block delimiters in programming languages
2014-02-26: PCI slot based device names are not necessarily stable
Saying goodbye to the PHP pokers the easy way
2014-02-24: Nerving myself up to running experimental setups in production
The origins of DWiki and its drifting purpose
2014-02-23: The problem with indentation in programming languages
2014-02-22: A subtle advantage of generating absolute path URLs during HTML rendering
2014-02-21: You should segregate different traffic to different mailing lists
2014-02-19: Some rough things about the naming of SAS drives on Linux
The reasoning problem with describing things with a programming language
2014-02-18: People can always unsubscribe from your mailing lists
2014-02-17: File based engines and the awkward problem of special URLs
2014-02-16: Why comments aren't immediately visible on entries here
2014-02-14: 'Broken by design: systemd' is itself kind of broken
The good and bad of the System V init system
2014-02-13: Init's (historical) roles
2014-02-11: Why systemd is winning the init wars and other things aren't
2014-02-10: My dividing line between working remotely and working out of the office
2014-02-09: Why I want a solid ZFS implementation on Linux
Why I'm not looking at installing OmniOS via Kayak
2014-02-08: You cannot have just one network install server
2014-02-07: A followup to what sudo emails to ignore and not ignore
A surprise with OmniOS disk sizing: the rpool/dump ZVOL
2014-02-06: Some thoughts on what sudo emails to ignore and to not ignore
2014-02-05: An interesting internal Django error we just got
2014-02-03: The big attraction of SQLite
Technological progress and efficiency
2014-02-02: An illustration of the problem of noise

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