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2014-03-31: I'm done with building tools around 'zpool status' output
Why I sometimes reject patches for my own software
2014-03-30: One of my worries: our spam filtering in the future
2014-03-28: Recovering from a drive failure on Fedora 20 with LVM on software RAID
How we wound up with a RFC 1918 IP address visible in our public DNS
2014-03-26: Why people keep creating new package managers
The DNS TTL problem
2014-03-24: The importance of having full remote consoles on crucial servers
Why I don't trust transitions to single-user mode
2014-03-23: Differences in URL and site layout between static and dynamic websites
2014-03-22: Avoiding reboots should not become a fetish
2014-03-21: Thinking about when rsync's incremental mode doesn't help
2014-03-20: Killing (almost) all processes on Linux is not recoverable
2014-03-19: Why I like ZFS's zfs send and zfs receive
2014-03-17: Simple versus complex marshalling in Python (and benchmarks)
Rebooting the system if init dies is a hack
2014-03-16: You don't have to reboot the system if init dies
2014-03-14: Guessing whether people will unsubscribe from your mailing lists
Logins and related things really do change, and for good reasons
2014-03-13: The argument about unbound methods versus functions
2014-03-11: How functions become bound or unbound methods
2014-03-10: The problem of conditional GET and caches for dynamic websites
2014-03-09: Solaris gives us a lesson in how not to write documentation
Why we don't change Unix login names for people
2014-03-08: Why I think 10G-T will be the dominant form of 10G Ethernet
2014-03-07: Coming to terms with D-Bus
2014-03-05: A bit more about the various levels of IPC: whether or not they're necessary
ZFS's problem with boot time magic
2014-03-03: The multiple levels of interprocess communication
2014-03-02: Googlebot is now aggressively crawling syndication feeds
Cool URL fragments don't change either

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