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2014-04-30: Failover versus sparing in theory and in practice
Backup systems, actual hosts, and logical hosts
2014-04-29: Static sites are stable sites
2014-04-28: How dynamic language code gets optimized
2014-04-27: Thoughts about Python classes as structures and optimization
2014-04-26: What I can see about how ZFS deduplication seems to work on disk
2014-04-25: A Unix semantics issue if your filesystem can snapshot arbitrary directories
2014-04-23: How Yahoo's and AOL's DMARC 'reject' policies affect us
At least partially understanding DMARC
2014-04-21: The question of language longevity for new languages
Thinking about how to split logging up in multiple categories et al
2014-04-20: A heresy about memorable passwords
2014-04-19: Cross-system NFS locking and unlocking is not necessarily fast
2014-04-18: What modern filesystems need from volume management
2014-04-17: Partly getting around NFS's concurrent write problem
2014-04-16: Where I feel that btrfs went wrong
2014-04-14: Chasing SSL certificate chains to build a chain file
My reactions to Python's warnings module
2014-04-13: A problem: handling warnings generated at low levels in your code
2014-04-11: The relationship between SSH, SSL, and the Heartbleed bug
What sort of kernel command line arguments Fedora 20's dracut seems to want
2014-04-10: My current choice of a performance metrics system and why I picked it
2014-04-09: Pragmatic reactions to a possible SSL private key compromise
2014-04-08: My goals for gathering performance metrics and statistics
2014-04-07: Giving in: pragmatic If-Modified-Since handling for Tiny Tiny RSS
2014-04-06: How not to generate If-Modified-Since headers for conditional GETs
2014-04-05: An important additional step when shifting software RAID mirrors around
2014-04-03: Shifting a software RAID mirror from disk to disk in modern Linux
The scariness of uncertainty
2014-04-02: I'm angry that ZFS still doesn't have an API

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