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2014-05-31: Wnen trying to unsubscribe from spam can be not completely crazy
One of my test based development imperfections: use driven testing
2014-05-30: In Go, sometimes a nil is not a nil
2014-05-29: The state of limits on how many groups you can be in (especially for NFS)
2014-05-28: Yahoo Groups has a bad spam problem and they don't care
2014-05-27: Some things for enumerated constants in Go
2014-05-25: Firefox, DRM, and reality
Computing has two versions of 'necessary'
2014-05-23: What ssh-agent does with multiple keys loaded
Why Java is a compiled language and Python is not
2014-05-22: Why Python uses bytecode (well, probably): it's simpler
2014-05-21: How I wish ZFS pool importing could work
2014-05-19: A building block of my environment: sps, a better tree-based process list
Why desktop Linuxes want you to reboot after updates
2014-05-18: What it would take to replace Firefox as my web browser
2014-05-17: The problem of encrypted SSH keys and screen
2014-05-16: Some notes from migrating towards encrypted SSH keys
2014-05-15: My personal and biased view of sudo versus su
2014-05-14: Modern mail forwarding is leaky
2014-05-13: The security model of sudo versus su
2014-05-12: The advantages of editors over database programs for modifying your data
2014-05-11: Why I don't use relational databases in practice
2014-05-09: Some uses for Python's 'named' form of string formatting
Operating systems cannot be hermetically sealed environments
2014-05-08: The modern world of spliced together multi-layer DNS resolution
2014-05-07: How I use Unbound on Fedora 20 to deal with the VPN DNS issue
2014-05-06: Another problem with building your own packages: dependency issues
2014-05-05: The power of meaningless identifiers
2014-05-04: How I set up my Firefox 29's UI
2014-05-03: My Firefox 29 extensions and addons
2014-05-02: An important addition to how ZFS deduplication works on the disk

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