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2014-06-30: Comparing RPM versions in the shell
My .screenrc
2014-06-29: The tradeoffs for us in a SAN versus disk servers
2014-06-27: A retrospective on our overall fileserver architecture et al
A retrospective on our Solaris ZFS-based NFS fileservers (part 2)
2014-06-25: A retrospective on our Solaris ZFS-based NFS fileservers (part 1)
How my new responsive design here works
2014-06-23: Python 3 has already succeeded in the long run
2014-06-22: Things I like about Go
I need some responsive website design around here
2014-06-21: Sometimes 'unsubscribing' does seem to reduce spam activity
2014-06-20: What Python versions I can use (June 2014 edition)
2014-06-19: Some notes on Go's godoc and what it formats how
2014-06-18: Would I be comfortable documenting our systems in some sort of public?
2014-06-16: My view: a wiki by itself will not solve your problems
2014-06-15: The web is social, and thus minor features can matter a lot
Weird spammer behavior: a non-relaying relay attempt
2014-06-14: I'm not very impressed with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS so far
2014-06-13: Undoing an errant 'git commit --amend'
2014-06-12: An init system has two jobs
2014-06-11: Some thoughts on testing parsers
2014-06-10: An irritating and interesting su change from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04
2014-06-09: A challenge in new languages: learning to design good APIs
2014-06-08: The fundamental problem that created su
2014-06-07: Some ways to do sleazy duck typing in Go (from a Python perspective)
2014-06-06: On the Internet, weirdness is generally uncommon
2014-06-05: SMTP's crazy address formats didn't come from nowhere
2014-06-04: Why I don't like SMTP command parameters
2014-06-03: My just-used Go logging idiom and why it is in fact wrong
2014-06-02: Vi's composability antecedent (or one of them)

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