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2014-07-31: The temptation to rebuild my office machine with its data in ZFS on Linux
2014-07-30: Why I like ZFS in general
My view on FreeBSD versus Linux, primarily on the desktop
2014-07-28: FreeBSD, cultural bad blood, and me
2014-07-27: Go is still a young language
Save your test scripts and other test materials
2014-07-25: An interesting picky difference between Bourne shells
The OmniOS version of SSH is kind of slow for bulk transfers
2014-07-23: What influences SSH's bulk transfer speeds
One of SELinux's important limits
2014-07-21: What I know about the different types of SSH keys (and some opinions)
2014-07-20: The CBL has a real false positive problem
HTTPS should remain genuinely optional on the web
2014-07-19: Some consequences of widespread use of OCSP for HTTPS
2014-07-18: In practice, 10G-T today can be finicky
2014-07-16: My (somewhat silly) SSD dilemma
2014-07-15: A data point on how rapidly spammers pick up addresses from the web
2014-07-14: Unmounting recoverable stale NFS mounts on Linux
2014-07-13: An obvious reminder: disks can and do die abruptly
Early impressions of CentOS 7
2014-07-11: You want to turn console blanking off on your Linux servers
Some notes on bisecting a modified Firefox source base with Mercurial
2014-07-10: The core security problem of SSL on the web is too much trust
2014-07-09: What the differences are between Python bools and ints
2014-07-08: Exploring a surprise with equality in Python
Some thoughts on SAN long-term storage migration
2014-07-06: Goroutines versus other concurrency handling options in Go
The problem with filenames in IO exceptions and errors
2014-07-05: Another reason to use frameworks like Django
2014-07-04: An interesting Go concurrency bug that I inflicted on myself
2014-07-02: Bash is letting locales destroy shell scripting (at least on Linux)
Why Solaris's SMF is not a good init system
2014-07-01: An index of non-letter control characters

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