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2014-08-31: We don't believe in DHCP for (our) servers
The downside of expanding your storage through bigger disks
2014-08-30: How to change your dm-cache write mode on the fly in Linux
2014-08-29: A hazard of using synthetic data in tests, illustrated by me
2014-08-27: One reason why we have to do a major storage migration
The difference between Linux and FreeBSD boosters for me
2014-08-26: Why I don't like HTTP as a frontend to backend transport mechanism
2014-08-24: 10G Ethernet is a sea change for my assumptions
My spam is (mostly) boring
2014-08-23: Some notes on Python packaging stuff that wasn't obvious to me
2014-08-22: Where DTrace aggregates are handled for printing et al
2014-08-21: How data flows around on the client during an Amanda backup
2014-08-20: Explicit error checking and the broad exception catching problem
2014-08-18: An example of a subtle over-broad try in Python
The potential issue with Go's strings
2014-08-17: The challenges of diagnosing slow backups
2014-08-15: Caches should be safe by default
A consequence of NFS locking and unlocking not necessarily being fast
2014-08-13: Bind mounts with systemd and non-fstab filesystems
How you create a systemd .mount file for bind mounts
2014-08-11: Copying GPT partition tables from disk to disk
2014-08-10: The problem with self-contained 'application bundle' style packaging
What I want out of a Linux SSD disk cache layer
2014-08-09: Intel has screwed up their DC S3500 SSDs
2014-08-08: Hardware can be weird, Intel 10G-T X540-AT2 edition
2014-08-06: A peculiarity: I'm almost never logged in to websites
2014-08-05: Why LinkedIn's 'you must join to unsubscribe' is evil
Another piece of my environment: running commands on multiple machines
2014-08-04: Why our new SAN environment is separate from our old SAN environment
2014-08-03: Our second generation ZFS fileservers and their setup
2014-08-02: The benchmarking problems with potentially too-smart SSDs

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