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2014-09-30: NetworkManager and network device races
Don't split up error messages in your source code
2014-09-28: Learning a lesson about spam-related logging (again)
2014-09-27: Changing major version numbers does not fix compatibility issues
DWiki, Python 3, Python, and me
2014-09-26: The practical problems with simple web apps that work as HTTP servers
2014-09-25: Why CGI-BIN scripts are an attractive thing for many people
2014-09-24: One thing I've come to dislike about systemd
2014-09-22: Go is mostly easy to cross-compile (with notes)
Another side of my view of Python 3
2014-09-21: One reason why Go can have methods on nil pointers
2014-09-19: My view on using VLANs for security
What I mean by passive versus active init systems
2014-09-18: Ubuntu's packaging failure with mcelog in 14.04
2014-09-17: In praise of Solaris's pfiles command
2014-09-15: My collection of spam and the spread of SMTP TLS
I want my signed email to work a lot like SSH does
2014-09-14: My current hassles with Firefox, Flash, and (HTML5) video
2014-09-13: What can go wrong with polling for writability on blocking sockets
2014-09-12: How not to do IO multiplexing, as illustrated by Amanda
2014-09-10: The cause of our slow Amanda backups and our workaround
Does init actually need to do daemon supervision?
2014-09-08: What an init system needs to do in the abstract
2014-09-07: Systemd's fate will be decided by whether or not it works
The kernel should not generate messages at the behest of the Internet
2014-09-05: A DTrace script to help figure out what process IO is slow
Some uses for SIGSTOP and some cautions
2014-09-04: Some other benefits of using non-HTTP frontend to backend transports
2014-09-03: Why we don't want to do any NAT with IPv6
2014-09-01: An IPv6 dilemma for us: 'sandbox' machine DNS

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