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2014-11-30: You should keep your system logs for longer than you probably are
TLS versions in connections to my spam-catching sinkhole SMTP server
2014-11-29: Sometimes you need to turn things into small, readily solvable problems
2014-11-28: How I made IPSec IKE work for a point to point GRE tunnel on Fedora 20
2014-11-26: Using iptables to block traffic that's not protected by IPSec
Using go get alone is a bad way to keep track of interesting packages
2014-11-25: My Linux IPSec/VPN setup and requirements
2014-11-24: Delays on bad passwords considered harmful, accidental reboot edition
Using the SSH protocol as a secure transport protocol
2014-11-23: I'm happier ignoring the world of spam and anti-spam
2014-11-22: The effects of a moderate Hacker News link to here
2014-11-21: Lisp and data structures: one reason it hasn't attracted me
2014-11-20: Sometimes the way to solve a problem is to rethink the problem
2014-11-18: Finding free numbers in a range, crudely, with Unix tools
2014-11-17: Why I need a browser that's willing to accept bad TLS certificates
2014-11-16: We've started to decommission our Solaris 10 fileservers
States in a state machine aren't your only representation of state
2014-11-15: Our current problems with 10G Intel networking on OmniOS
2014-11-14: Sometimes there are drawbacks to replicating configuration files
2014-11-13: I want opportunistic, identity-less encryption on the Internet
2014-11-12: A wish: setting Python 3 to do no implicit Unicode conversions
2014-11-10: Why I don't have a real profile picture anywhere
What it took to get DWiki running under Python 3
2014-11-09: NFS hard mounts versus soft mounts
2014-11-07: What you're saying when you tell people to send in patches
Porting to Python 3 by updating to modern Python 2
2014-11-05: (Probably) Why Bash imports functions from the environment
The weakness of doing authentication over a side channel
2014-11-03: Hassles with getting our NFS mount authentication working on Linux
What I'm worried about with retina displays on Linux
2014-11-02: A drawback in how DWiki parses its wikitext

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