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2015-01-31: The problem with punishing people over policy violations
Upgrades and support periods
2015-01-30: I've come to believe Django's way of defining database tables is wrong
2015-01-29: The practical result of OpenBSD's support policy
2015-01-28: A thought about social obligations to report bugs
2015-01-27: Our current email anti-virus system is probably ineffective now
2015-01-26: Some notes on keeping up with Go packages and commands
2015-01-25: The long term problem with ZFS on Linux is its license
2015-01-24: Web applications and generating alerts due to HTTP requests
2015-01-23: A problem with gnome-terminal in Fedora 21, and tracking it down
2015-01-22: How to set up static networking with systemd-networkd, or at least how I did
2015-01-21: Why I'm switching to systemd's networkd stuff for my networking
2015-01-19: A gotcha with Python tuples
Why user-hostile policies are a bad thing and a mistake
2015-01-18: Limited retention policies for email are user-hostile
2015-01-16: Node.js is not for me (and why)
Using systemd-run to limit something's RAM consumption on the fly
2015-01-15: Link: Against DNSSEC by Thomas Ptacek
General ZFS pool shrinking will likely be coming to Illumos
2015-01-14: What /etc/shells is and isn't
2015-01-13: Our tradeoffs on ZFS ZIL SLOG devices for pools
2015-01-12: I've now seen comment spam attempts from Tor exit nodes
2015-01-11: The effects of losing a ZFS ZIL SLOG device, as I understand them
2015-01-10: Autoplaying anything is a terrible decision, doubly so for video
2015-01-09: Why filesystems need to be where data is checksummed
2015-01-08: ZFS should be your choice today if you need an advanced filesystem on Unix
2015-01-07: Forwarding access to only a subset of ssh-agent's identities
2015-01-06: Choices filesystems make about checksums
2015-01-05: Today on Linux, ZFS is your only real choice for an advanced filesystem
2015-01-04: What makes a 'next generation' or 'advanced' modern filesystem, for me
2015-01-03: The effects of our fileserver multi-tenancy
2015-01-02: Where we have multi-tenancy in our fileserver environment

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