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2015-02-28: Sometimes why we have singleton machines is that failover is hard
2015-02-27: Email from generic word domains is usually advance fee fraud spam
What limits how fast we can install machines
2015-02-25: My current issues with systemd's networkd in Fedora 21
My Linux container temptation: running other Linuxes
2015-02-24: How we do and document machine builds
2015-02-23: In shell programming, I should be more willing to write custom tools
2015-02-22: Unsurprisingly, random SMTP servers do get open relay probes
2015-02-21: It turns out that I routinely use some really old Linux binaries
2015-02-20: All of our Solaris 10 machines are now out of production
2015-02-19: Exploiting Python metaclasses to forbid subclassing and where it fails
2015-02-18: I wish Python didn't allow any callable to be a 'metaclass'
2015-02-17: Your example code should work and be error-free
2015-02-16: Web ads considered as a security exposure
2015-02-15: My current views on Firefox adblocker addons
2015-02-14: Planning ahead in documentation: kind of a war story
2015-02-13: The technical side of Python metaclasses (a pointer)
2015-02-11: Good technical writing is not characterless and bland
ZFS can apparently start NFS fileservice before boot finishes
2015-02-10: Our ZFS fileservers have a serious problem when pools hit quota limits
2015-02-09: 'Inbox zero' doesn't seem to work for me but it's still tempting
2015-02-08: The history of commercial Unix and my pragmatism
2015-02-07: Trying to move towards Ed25519 OpenSSH host keys: a stumbling block
2015-02-06: A thought on containerization, isolation, and deployment
2015-02-05: All of our important machines are pets and special snowflakes
2015-02-04: How our console server setup works
2015-02-03: Why we've wound up moving away from serial consoles on our machines
2015-02-02: Why people were enthused about gcc early on in its life

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