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2015-03-31: Btrfs's mistake in limiting itself to two-way mirroring
2015-03-30: My preliminary views on mosh
The 'cattle' model for servers is only a good fit in certain situations
2015-03-29: SSH connection sharing and erratic networks
2015-03-28: All browsers need a (good) way to flush memorized HTTP redirects
2015-03-27: Looking more deeply into some SMTP authentication probes
2015-03-26: Why systemd should have ignored SysV init script LSB dependencies
2015-03-25: A significant amount of programming is done by superstition
2015-03-24: What is and isn't a bug in software
2015-03-23: Systemd is not fully backwards compatible with System V init scripts
2015-03-22: I now feel that Red Hat Enterprise 6 is okay (although not great)
2015-03-21: Spammers show up fast when you open up port 25 (at least sometimes)
2015-03-20: Unix's mistake with rm and directories
2015-03-19: A brief history of fiddling with Unix directories
2015-03-18: The real speed advantage static rendering has over dynamic rendering
2015-03-16: Solving our authenticated SMTP problem by rethinking it
Our difficulties with OmniOS upgrades
2015-03-15: The importance of user interface, illustrated by the Go flag package
2015-03-14: Using an automounter doesn't always help with bad NFS servers
2015-03-13: The puzzle of packets to your host that your host doesn't respond to
2015-03-12: My feelings about GRUB 1 versus GRUB 2
2015-03-11: The irritation of being told 'everyone who cares uses ECC RAM'
2015-03-10: Why installing packages is almost always going to be slow (today)
2015-03-09: I should document my test plans and their results
2015-03-08: Why ZFS's 'directory must be empty' mount restriction is sensible
2015-03-06: Our brute force solution for port isolation without port isolated switches
The simple way CPython does constant folding
2015-03-05: An interesting excursion with Python strings and is
2015-03-04: What creates inheritance?
2015-03-03: The latest xterm versions mangle $SHELL in annoying ways
2015-03-02: My view of the difference between 'pets' and 'cattle'

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