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2015-04-30: I'm considering ways to mass-add URLs to Firefox's history database
Why I have a perpetual browser history
2015-04-29: The 'EHLO ylmf-pc' plague of SMTP authentication guessers
2015-04-28: There's no portable way to turn a file descriptor read only or write only
2015-04-27: The fading out of tcpwrappers and its idea
2015-04-26: My complicated feelings on abandoning old but good code
2015-04-25: I'm still running a twelve year old Python program
2015-04-24: A DKMS problem I had with lingering old versions
2015-04-23: Upgrading machines versus reinstalling them
2015-04-22: Don't make /opt a filesystem on OmniOS (or probably Illumos generally)
2015-04-20: I don't think I'm interested in containers
An interesting trick for handling line numbers in little languages
2015-04-19: A potential path to IPv6 (again), but probably not a realistic one today
2015-04-18: A core problem of IPv6 adoption is the lack of user benefits
2015-04-17: In practice, programmers mostly understand complexity by superstition
2015-04-16: Are Python dictionaries necessarily constant-time data structures?
2015-04-15: Illusory security is terrible and is worse than no security
2015-04-14: Allowing people to be in more than 16 groups with an OmniOS NFS server
2015-04-12: One speed limit on your ability to upgrade your systems
Spam victims don't care what business unit is responsible for the spam
2015-04-10: I wish systemd would get over its thing about syslog
My Firefox 37 extensions and addons (sort of)
2015-04-09: Probably why Fedora puts their release version in package release numbers
2015-04-08: Your entire download infrastructure needs to use HTTPS
2015-04-07: How Ubuntu and Fedora each do kernel packages
2015-04-06: What adblockers block
2015-04-05: A note on the argument about the 'morality' of adblockers
2015-04-04: An important note if you want to totally stop an IKE IPSec connection
A weird new IKE IPSec problem that I just had on Fedora 21's latest kernel
2015-04-03: Understanding the (original) meaning of Unix load average
2015-04-02: When the Unix load average was added to Unix

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