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2015-05-31: Unix has been bad before
My view of setting up sane web server application delegations
2015-05-30: What I'm doing in reaction to Logjam (for HTTPS, SSH, and IKE)
2015-05-29: I don't commit changes in my working repos
2015-05-28: I don't find Github pull requests an easy way to submit patches
2015-05-27: The impact on you of making 'bad' bug reports
2015-05-25: One of the problems with 'you should submit a patch'
Email providers cannot stop spam by scanning outgoing email
2015-05-24: A mod_wsgi problem with serving both HTTP and HTTPS from the same WSGI app
2015-05-23: The right way for your WSGI app to know if it's using HTTPS
2015-05-22: Unsurprisingly, Amazon is now running a mail spamming service
2015-05-21: It's time for me to stop using lighttpd
2015-05-20: On the modern web, ISPs are one of your threats
2015-05-19: Converting filesystems from ext3 to ext4, and concerns attached to it (plus bad news for me)
2015-05-17: Why I'm interested in converting my ext3 filesystems to ext4
A bit more on the ZFS delete queue and snapshots
2015-05-15: Your Illumos-based NFS fileserver may be 'leaking' deleted files
The ZFS delete queue: ZFS's solution to the pending delete problem
The pending delete problem for Unix filesystems
2015-05-14: In Go, you need to always make sure that your goroutines will finish
2015-05-13: Go goroutines as a way to capture and hold state
2015-05-12: It's time to stop coddling software that can't handle HTTPS URLs
2015-05-11: The problem with proportional fonts for editing code and related things
2015-05-10: Our mail submission system winds up handling two sorts of senders
2015-05-09: What addresses we accept and reject during mail submission
2015-05-08: Sometimes it's useful to have brute force handy: an amusing IPMI bug
2015-05-06: Why keeping output to 80 columns (or less) is still sensible
Unix's pipeline problem (okay, its problem with file redirection too)
2015-05-04: Monitoring tools should report timestamps (and what they're monitoring)
What I want to have in shell (filename) completion
2015-05-03: Sometimes knowing causes does you no good (and sensible uses of time)
2015-05-02: OmniOS as a NFS server has problems with sustained write loads

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