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2015-06-30: My early impressions of Fedora 22, especially of DNF
The probable and prosaic explanation for a socket() API choice
2015-06-29: BSD Unix developed over more time than I usually think
2015-06-28: Faster SSDs matter to companies because they sell things
2015-06-27: The next (or coming) way to connect SSDs to your system
2015-06-26: The status of our problems with overloaded OmniOS NFS servers
2015-06-25: Multiple set matches with Linux's iptables 'ipset' extension
2015-06-24: I've finally turned SELinux fully off even on my laptop
2015-06-23: A Bash test limitation and the brute force way around it
2015-06-22: Modern *BSDs have a much better init system than I was expecting
2015-06-21: Why System V init's split scripts approach is better than classical BSD
2015-06-20: Thinking about people's SSD inflection points in general
2015-06-19: Sometimes looking into spam for a blog entry has unexpected benefits
2015-06-18: The cost of OmniOS not having /etc/cron.d
2015-06-17: Exploring the irritating thing about Python's .join()
2015-06-16: NFS writes and whether or not they're synchronous
2015-06-15: My view of NFS protocol versions
2015-06-14: What I plug into my home Linux machine as far as peripherals go
2015-06-12: My pragmatic view of HTTPS versus caching
Red Hat are marketing email spammers now (in the traditional way)
2015-06-11: HTTP should be dropped even as a pure Internet transport mechanism
2015-06-10: My pragmatic view on switching to HTTPS and TLS everywhere
2015-06-09: How I use virtual screens in my desktop environment
2015-06-08: Exceptions as aggregators of error handling
2015-06-07: You won't get people off Python 2 by making their lives worse
2015-06-06: The security danger of exploitable bugs in file format libraries
2015-06-05: My current views on Rust (the programming language)
2015-06-04: Linux evolution through de facto quiet standards
2015-06-03: What makes for a simple web application environment
2015-06-01: The problem with 'what is your data worth?'

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