Wandering Thoughts archives

2015-07-31: The future problem with Firefox's Electrolysis project
Ubuntu once again fails at a good kernel security update announcement
2015-07-29: My workflow for testing Github pull requests
A cynical view on needing SSDs in all your machines in the future
2015-07-28: Why I still report bugs
2015-07-27: Spammers mine everything, Github edition
2015-07-26: Why I increasingly think we're unlikely to ever use Docker
2015-07-25: Everything that does TLS should log the SSL parameters used
2015-07-24: Fedora 22's problem with my scroll wheel
2015-07-22: A modest little change I'd like to see in bug reporting systems
Some thoughts on log rolling with date extensions
2015-07-20: My brush with the increasing pervasiveness of smartphone GPS mapping
The OmniOS kernel can hold major amounts of unused memory for a long time
2015-07-19: 'Retail' versus 'wholesale' spam
2015-07-18: Some data on how long it is between fetches of my Atom feed
2015-07-17: Your standard input is a tty in a number of surprising cases
2015-07-15: Eating memory in Python the easy way
Mdb is so close to being a great tool for introspecting the kernel
2015-07-14: Don't support shortened versions of your domain names in email addresses
2015-07-13: My personal view of OpenBSD
2015-07-12: A Linux software RAID message flood
2015-07-11: OpenBSD and the impact of culture
2015-07-10: What SSH keys in your .ssh/config will be offered to servers
2015-07-09: When SSH needs you to decrypt your keys
2015-07-08: Making GTK applications in alternate locations, settings edition
2015-07-07: The Git 'commit local changes and rebase' experience is a winning one
2015-07-06: My Django form field validation and cleanup pain
2015-07-05: Sysadmin use of email is often necessarily more or less interrupt driven
2015-07-04: Googlebot and Feedfetcher are still aggressively grabbing syndication feeds
2015-07-03: Wandering Thoughts is now ten years old
Some notes on my 'commit local changes and rebase' Git workflow
2015-07-02: Some thoughts on Go compiler directives being in source comments

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