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2015-09-30: There are good and bad wikitext dialects
Why I can't see IPv6 as a smooth or fast transition
2015-09-29: Maybe I should try to find another good mini keyboard
2015-09-28: On not having people split their time between different bosses
2015-09-27: Wikitext not having errors creates a backtracking problem
2015-09-26: I've decided I'll port DWiki to Python 3, but not any time soon
2015-09-25: Do we want to continue using a SAN in our future fileserver design?
2015-09-24: We're probably going to need new Linux iSCSI target software
2015-09-23: One thing I'm hoping for in our third generation fileservers
2015-09-22: The Go 'rolling errors' pattern, in function call form
2015-09-21: When chroot() started to confine processes inside the new root
2015-09-20: Spam from outlook.com has gotten worse (well, for me)
2015-09-19: Experimenting with Firefox's 'Reader' mode (or view)
2015-09-18: Modern Linux laptop suspending and screenlocking makes me twitch
2015-09-17: We know what you are
2015-09-16: There are two different scenarios for replacing disks in a RAID
2015-09-14: A caution about cgo's error returns for errno
Tweaking code when I'm faced with the urge to replace it entirely
2015-09-13: I should have started blocking web page elements well before now
2015-09-12: How NFS deals with the pending delete problem
2015-09-11: ZFS scrub rates, speeds, and how fast is fast
2015-09-10: Changing kernel tunables can drastically speed up ZFS scrubs
2015-09-09: Some notes on my experience using Go's cgo system
2015-09-08: How we disable accounts here (and why)
2015-09-07: Getting gocode based autocompletion working for Go in GNU Emacs
Why we wind up deleting user accounts
2015-09-06: Optimizing finding unowned files on our ZFS fileservers
2015-09-05: Why we aren't tempted to use ACLs on our Unix machines
2015-09-04: Consistency and durability in the context of filesystems
2015-09-03: How I've decided to coordinate multiple git repos for a single project
2015-09-02: Thinking about the different models of supplying computing

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