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2015-10-31: One advantage of System V is that it was available
In practice, anything involving the JVM is often a heavyweight thing
2015-10-30: My discovery that the USB mouse polling rate matters
2015-10-29: USB mouse polling rates under Linux
2015-10-28: System V was kind of backwards for a long time
2015-10-27: Some theories about what spammers get out of using null sender addresses
2015-10-26: The null sender spammers now seem to be entrenched on outlook.com
2015-10-25: More on chroot()'s history, and my blind spot about System III
2015-10-24: How my PS/2 to USB conversion issues have shaken out
2015-10-23: Perhaps it's a good idea to reboot everything periodically
2015-10-22: CPython's trust of bytecode is not a security problem
2015-10-21: Python bytecode is quite heavily trusted by CPython
2015-10-20: Why I never tell people how I voted
2015-10-19: Installing and pinning specific versions of OmniOS packages
2015-10-18: In Go, unsafe.Pointer is a built in type in the compiler
2015-10-17: Do generic stock servers have a future in a cloud world?
2015-10-16: Inside a Go 'terrible hack' in the reflect package
2015-10-15: Some notes on finding package versions in OmniOS with pkg
2015-10-14: OS installers should be easy to open up and modify
2015-10-13: Why I've come to really like git
2015-10-12: Why we hold kernels and other packages on our Ubuntu machines
2015-10-11: Bad news about how we detect and recover from NFS server problems
2015-10-09: How much space ZFS reserves in your pools varies across versions
Our low-rent approach to verifying that NFS mounts are there
2015-10-08: Why you (probably) want to have blog categories (and topics and more)
2015-10-07: The irritation of all of the Ubuntu kernels you wind up with
2015-10-05: How many recent sender domains are in the Spamhaus DBL
I don't trust Linux distributions to leave directories alone
2015-10-04: There's no point in multiple system filesystems any more
2015-10-03: There are two approaches to disaster recovery plans
2015-10-02: What creates a good wikitext dialect depends on how it's going to be used

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