Wandering Thoughts archives

2015-11-30: My current dilemma: is it worth putting the root filesystem on a SSD
A new piece of my environment: xcape, an X modifier key modifier
2015-11-29: My feelings about my mechanical mini keyboard
2015-11-27: Documentation should explain why things are security issues, at least briefly
A thought on the apparent popularity of new static typing languages
2015-11-26: Some notes on Apache's suexec
2015-11-25: Why speeding up (C)Python matters
2015-11-23: PC laptop and desktop vendors are now clearly hostile parties
Why I care about how fast CPython is
2015-11-22: I should find some good small packages for templates and forms for CGIs
2015-11-21: What I think I want out of autocompletion in GNU Emacs (for Go coding)
2015-11-20: What modern version control systems are
2015-11-18: VCS bisection steps should always be reversible
Increasingly, I no longer solidly and fully know Python
2015-11-16: On public areas on the Net and conversations therein
The problems with creating a new template language
2015-11-15: I should remember that I can cast things in Go
2015-11-14: ZFS pool import needs much better error messages
2015-11-13: We killed off our SunSolve email contact address yesterday
2015-11-12: Don't have support registrations in the name of a specific sysadmin
2015-11-11: No new web templating languages; use an existing one
2015-11-10: Why I spent a lot of time agonizing over an error message recently
2015-11-09: What sysadmins want out of logging means that it can't be too simple
2015-11-08: The great Delete versus Backspace split
2015-11-07: Why I (still) care about SELinux and its flaws
2015-11-06: Revisiting a bit of my X keymapping history
2015-11-04: SELinux's usability, illustrated once again
Outlook.com now has collected some SBL listings
2015-11-02: When setting up per-thing email addresses, make sure you can turn them off
Status reporting commands should have script-oriented output too

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