Wandering Thoughts archives

2015-12-31: A defense of C's null-terminated strings
How I've wound up taking my notes
2015-12-30: Some notes on entering unusual characters in various X applications
2015-12-29: Take notes when (and as) you do things and keep them
2015-12-28: The limits of what ZFS scrubs check
2015-12-27: A confession: I find rejecting spam at SMTP time to be more satisfying
2015-12-26: Adjusting mouse sensitivity on Linux, and why you might want to
2015-12-25: I like Magit, the GNU Emacs package for Git
2015-12-24: There is a surprising amount of old SSL code in running MTAs
2015-12-23: Where cryptographic hashes come into TLS certificates
2015-12-21: Some opinions on how package systems should allow you to pin versions
The Apache mod_qos module worked for us
2015-12-20: There are three places spam filtering can happen these days
2015-12-18: A fun tale of network troubleshooting involving VLANs and MACs
Some things about the XSettings system
2015-12-17: Fixing the GTK UI font in my Fedora 23 setup
2015-12-16: I just had another smooth Fedora version upgrade with ZFS on Linux
2015-12-14: Some things that force Go to call the C library for name resolution on Linux
Getting xterm and modern X applications to do cut and paste together
2015-12-13: I still believe in shimming modules for tests
2015-12-12: My views on the choice of Linux distribution
2015-12-11: The ArchLinux wiki has quietly become a good resource for me
2015-12-09: Goroutines, network IO streams, and the resulting synchronization problem
A surprise about cryptographic signatures
2015-12-07: What I like web templating languages for
The old-fashioned and modern ways to remap keys in X (some notes)
2015-12-06: The (peculiar) freedom of having a slow language
2015-12-05: The details behind zpool list's new fragmentation percentage
2015-12-04: One limit to how much TLS can do for you against MITM attacks
2015-12-02: What zpool list's new FRAG fragmentation percentage means
2015-12-01: Red Hat has really doubled down on being email spammers

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