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2016-01-31: One thing I don't like about Fedora is slow security updates
The tradeoffs of having ssh-agent hold all of your SSH keys
2016-01-30: Some good practices for handling OpenSSH keypairs
2016-01-29: What SSH identities will be offered to a remote server and when
2016-01-28: Modern Django makes me repeat myself in the name of something
2016-01-26: Why my home backup situation is currently a bit awkward
Low level issues can have quite odd high level symptoms (again)
2016-01-25: A Python wish: an easy, widely supported way to turn a path into a module
2016-01-24: Hostile HTTPS interception on the modern web is now increasingly costly and risky
2016-01-22: Browsers are increasingly willing to say no to users over HTTPS issues
Memory-safe languages and reading very sensitive files
2016-01-21: One example of why I like ZFS on Linux
2016-01-20: Illumos's ZFS prefetching has recently become less superintelligent than it used to be
2016-01-18: Today I learned that a syslog server can be very silent on the network
A limitation of tcpdump is that you can't tell in from out
2016-01-17: My theory on how network loop caused the problem we observed
2016-01-15: Network loops can have weird effects (at least sometimes)
Things I learned from OpenSSH about reading very sensitive files
2016-01-13: What I want out of backups for my home machine (in the abstract)
Your system's performance is generally built up in layers
2016-01-11: The drawback of setting an explicit mount point for ZFS filesystems
The benefits of flexible space usage in filesystems
2016-01-10: Updating software to IPv6 is often harder than you might think
2016-01-09: The convenience of having keyboard controls for sound volume
2016-01-08: Getting to watch a significant spam campaign recently
2016-01-07: The format of strings in early (pre-C) Unix
2016-01-06: A fun Bash buffering bug (apparently on Linux only)
2016-01-05: Illumos's problem with its VCS commit messages
2016-01-04: How I do per-address blocklists with Exim
2016-01-03: One anti-spam thing I like is per-person (or per-address) blocklists
2016-01-02: I've realized I need to change how I read Twitter

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