Wandering Thoughts archives

2016-02-29: Turning over a rock on some weird HTTP requests to our web server
Sometimes, doing a bunch of programming can be the right answer
2016-02-28: The status of null-sender spam from outlook.com
2016-02-27: Link: A Short History Of Removable Media Behind The Iron Curtain
Sometimes brute force is the answer, Samba edition
2016-02-26: Our problem with iSCSI connections at boot on OmniOS
2016-02-24: Mozilla, Symantec, SHA-1 certificates, and the balance of power
I'm often an iterative and experimental programmer
2016-02-22: We've permanently disabled overlayfs on our servers
The university's coordination problem
2016-02-21: Why the Ubuntu package update process makes me irritated
2016-02-20: My two usage cases for Let's Encrypt certificates
2016-02-19: We can't use Let's Encrypt on our production systems right now
2016-02-18: Two models of dealing with cookies in Firefox with addons
2016-02-17: The many load averages of Unix(es)
2016-02-16: Whether or not to use cgo for Go packages, illustrated in a dilemma
2016-02-15: SMTP submission ratelimits should have delays too
2016-02-14: Your outgoing mail system should have a per-sender stop switch
2016-02-12: We need to deploy anti-spam precautions even if they're a bit imperfect
Adding a new template filter in Django 1.9, and a template tag annoyance
2016-02-11: My current views on using OpenSSH with CA-based host and user authentication
2016-02-10: The fundamental practical problem with the Certificate Authority model
2016-02-08: Old Unix filesystems and byte order
Clearing SMART disk complaints, with safety provided by ZFS
2016-02-07: Your SSH keys are a (potential) information leak
2016-02-06: You can have many matching stanzas in your ssh_config
2016-02-05: Some notes on SMF manifests (on OmniOS) and what goes in them
2016-02-03: Django, the timesince template filter, and non-breaking spaces
You aren't entitled to good errors from someone else's web app
2016-02-02: A justification for some odd Linux ARP behavior

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