Wandering Thoughts archives

2016-03-31: My initial experience of using NSD as a simple authoritative DNS server
2016-03-30: I've now used Python's argparse module and I like it
My view of Debian's behavior on package upgrades with new dependencies
2016-03-28: An awkward confession and what we should do about it
Why I don't think upgrading servers would save us much power
2016-03-27: The limits of open source with Illumos and OmniOS
2016-03-26: The sensible update for my vintage 2011 home machine
2016-03-25: There's a relationship between server utilization and server lifetime
2016-03-23: How old our servers are (as of 2016)
Wayland and graphics card uncertainty
2016-03-21: Current PC technology churn that makes me reluctant to think about a new PC
When you want non-mutating methods in Go
2016-03-20: What broad hit rate the Spamhaus DBL might get for us
2016-03-18: The Spamhaus DBL does get hits even with basic checks
Some things I believe about importance and web page design
2016-03-16: How 'from module import ...' is not doing what you may expect
I wish I could split up code more easily in Python
2016-03-14: An additional small detail of how writes work on ZFS raidzN pools
How RPM handles configuration files, both technically and socially
2016-03-13: I've started using the Firefox addon Self-Destructing Cookies for some stuff
2016-03-11: Why it's irritating when Ubuntu packages don't include their configuration files
I need to use getopts sooner (and more often) in Bourne shell scripts
2016-03-09: A sensible surprise (to me) in the Bourne shell's expansion of "$@"
Some thoughts on ways of choosing what TLS ciphers to support
2016-03-07: Why it makes sense for true and false to ignore their arguments
Apt-get and its irritating lack of easy selective upgrades
2016-03-06: Firefox addons seem unfortunately prone to memory leaks
2016-03-05: What happens when a modern Linux system boots without /bin/sh
2016-03-04: Some notes on supporting readline (tab) completion in your Python program
2016-03-03: My views on clients for Lets Encrypt
2016-03-02: Some notes on OpenSSH's optional hostname canonicalization

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