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I've started using the Firefox addon Self-Destructing Cookies for some stuff

I previously wrote about two models for dealing with cookies in Firefox and how I was someone who followed the 'never accept' model while Self-Destructing Cookies followed the 'accept then remove' model. Well, as it happens I've recently started using SDC in some of my Firefox profiles, for what I think of as a good reason. Namely, it's really easy to get started with SDC.

My main browser is not logged in to sites, in addition to basically not accepting cookies. For a few sites I use regularly or want convenient fast access to, this is inconvenient enough that I maintain a separate Firefox profile; this profile is set up to retain cookies so that I stay logged in. I recently realized that the simple setup of these profiles meant that I was retaining all cookies, not just the cookies for the site I care about. When I actually looked, I found that I'd built up quite a collection of tracker cookies that I really didn't like.

I could have reacted to this by setting up a strong anti-cookie addon in those profiles and adopting a default-deny policy. But while I can clearly identify what site I have to allow for my login cookies to work, some of these places may need side cookies and the like. I decided that I didn't really have the energy to tackle this; I wanted a simple solution that was easy to enact and almost surefire. This is a situation that Self-Destructing Cookies is ideal for. I could install it, tell it to permanently keep cookies from the main site, and be done.

So far I'm quite happy with using SDC this way. It's been a no fuss, no muss way of choking off a great deal of cookie abuse at minimal cost in time and attention.

(As with almost all Firefox addons, I've found that I have to tell it to be quiet about notifications. For some reason, many addons assume that I'm eager to hear about everything they're doing and blocking for me. This is very much not the case. I'm perfectly well aware that the web is a horrorshow of trackers and privacy abuse, and I don't care about the details of who is abusing me this time.)

(Because this is for profiles that I don't keep running all the time, I don't know if SDC leaks memory in normal ongoing use, as all too many addons do.)

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