Wandering Thoughts archives

2016-04-30: I should keep and check notes even on my own little problems
A story of the gradual evolution of network speeds without me noticing
2016-04-29: You should plan for your anti-spam scanner malfunctioning someday
2016-04-28: You should probably track what types of files your users get in email
2016-04-26: How 'there are no technical solutions to social problems' is wrong
Bad slide navigation on the web and understanding why it's bad
2016-04-25: Why you mostly don't want to do in-place Linux version upgrades
2016-04-24: Why we have CentOS machines as well as Ubuntu ones
2016-04-23: Why I think Illumos/OmniOS uses PCI subsystem IDs
2016-04-22: What Illumos/OmniOS PCI device names seem to mean
2016-04-20: A brief review of the HP three button USB optical mouse
How to get Unbound to selectively add or override DNS records
2016-04-19: Today's odd spammer behavior for sender addresses
2016-04-18: Why your Apache should have mod_status configured somewhere
2016-04-17: Why Unix needs a standard way to deal with the file durability problem
2016-04-16: Why I think Let's Encrypt won't be a threat to commercial CAs for now
2016-04-15: Unbound illustrates the Unix manpage mistake with its ratelimits documentation
2016-04-14: Unix's file durability problem
2016-04-13: How I'm trying to do durable disk writes here on Wandering Thoughts
2016-04-12: There's a spectrum of 'pets versus cattle' in servers
2016-04-11: Why I don't use HTTP Key Pinning and I'm not likely to any time soon
2016-04-10: SPF is not a security feature, as it solves the wrong problem
2016-04-09: Why your Ubuntu server stalls a while on boot if networking has problems
2016-04-08: How to shoot yourself in the foot with /etc/network/interfaces on Ubuntu
2016-04-06: What is behind Unix's 'Text file is busy' error
How options in my programs conflict, and where argparse falls short
2016-04-05: Some notes on Go's expvar package
2016-04-04: The three types of challenges that Let's Encrypt currently supports
2016-04-03: Let's Encrypt certificates can be used for more than HTTPS
2016-04-01: A surprise to watch out for with Go's expvar package (in expvar.Var)

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