Wandering Thoughts archives

2016-05-31: Understanding the modern view of security
2016-05-30: The browser security dilemma
'Command line text editor' is not the same as 'terminal-based text editor'
2016-05-29: What does 'success' mean for a research operating system?
2016-05-28: A problem with using old OmniOS versions: disconnection from the community
2016-05-27: Your overall anti-spam system should have manual emergency blocks
2016-05-26: Why SELinux is inherently complex
2016-05-25: SELinux is beyond saving at this point
2016-05-23: How fast fileserver failover could matter to us
2016-05-22: Our problem with OmniOS upgrades: we'll probably never do any more
My view of Barracuda's public DNSBL
2016-05-21: Please stop the Python 2 security scaremongering
2016-05-20: Some notes on abusing the pexpect Python module
2016-05-19: Some basic data on the hit rate of the Spamhaus DBL here
2016-05-18: Go does not have atomic variables, only atomic access to variables
2016-05-16: A quick trick: using Go structs to create namespaces
Discovering my personal limit on how much I care about security
2016-05-15: It's time for me to upgrade my filtering HTTP proxy
2016-05-14: IPv6 is the future of the Internet
2016-05-13: You can call bind() on outgoing sockets, but you don't want to
2016-05-11: We're never going to be able to have everyone use two factor authentication
The difference between 'Delete' and 'Destroy' in X window managers
2016-05-09: An Apache trick: using directories to create redirections
You can't use expvar.Func to expose a bunch of expvar types
2016-05-08: Issues in fair share scheduling of RAM via resident set sizes
2016-05-07: 'Fair share' scheduling pretty much requires a dynamic situation
2016-05-06: A weird little Firefox glitch with cut and paste
2016-05-04: My annoyance with Chrome's cut and paste support under X
The better way to clear SMART disk complaints, with safety provided by ZFS
2016-05-02: How I think you set up fair share scheduling under systemd
The state of supporting many groups over NFS v3 in various Unixes

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