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2016-06-30: Some advantages of using argparse to handle arguments as well as options
What makes a email MIME part an attachment?
2016-06-29: Modern DNS servers (especially resolvers) should have query logging
2016-06-27: Today's lesson on the value of commenting your configuration settings
If you send email, don't expect people to help you with abuse handling
2016-06-26: How not to maintain your DNS (part 22)
2016-06-25: What Python 3 versions Django supports, and when this changes
2016-06-24: Our new plan for creating our periodic long term backups
2016-06-22: I need to cultivate some new coding habits for Python 3 ready code
Moving from Python 2 to Python 3 calls for a code inventory
2016-06-20: A tiny systemd convenience: it can reboot the system from RAM alone
2016-06-19: A lesson to myself: know your emergency contact numbers
Why ZFS can't really allow you to add disks to raidz vdevs
2016-06-18: It's easier to shrink RAID disk volumes than to reshape them
2016-06-17: Why you can't remove a device from a ZFS pool to shrink it
2016-06-15: How (some) syndication feed readers deal with HTTP to HTTPS redirections
ZFS on Linux has just fixed a long standing little annoyance
2016-06-14: Some notes on how xdg-open picks which web browser to use
How xdg-mime searches for MIME type handlers (more or less)
2016-06-12: There are (at least) two sorts of DNS blocklists
Some notes on adding exposed statistics to a (Go) program
2016-06-11: I accept that someday I'll give up MH and move to IMAP mail clients
2016-06-10: An email mistake I've made as a long-term university sysadmin
2016-06-09: My concern about the potential dominance of the mobile web
2016-06-08: How dominant is the mobile web (versus the desktop web)?
2016-06-06: My views of Windows 10 (from the outside)
I work in what is increasingly a pretty different sysadmin environment
2016-06-05: My approach for inspecting Go error values
2016-06-04: The (Unix) shell is not just for running programs
2016-06-03: One thing that makes the Bourne shell an odd language
2016-06-02: Spammers can abandon SMTP connections not infrequently

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