Wandering Thoughts archives

2016-07-31: I've become mostly indifferent to what language something is written in
(Not) changing the stop timeout for systemd login session scopes
2016-07-30: The perils of having an ancient $HOME (a yak shaving story)
2016-07-29: My surprise problem with considering a new PC: actually building it
2016-07-28: A bit about what we use DTrace for (and when)
2016-07-27: When 'simple' DNS blocklists work well for you
2016-07-25: An irritating systemd behavior when you tell it to reboot the system
I should learn more about Grub2
2016-07-24: My view on people who are assholes on the Internet
2016-07-23: My current set of Chrome extensions (as of July 2016)
2016-07-22: Ubuntu 16.04's irritatingly broken MySQL updates
2016-07-21: My current set of essential extensions for Firefox profiles
2016-07-20: Official source release builds should not abort on (compilation) warnings
2016-07-19: How not to set up your DNS (part 23)
An interesting (and alarming) Grub2 error and its cause
2016-07-17: A good solution to our Unbound caching problem that sadly won't work
DNS resolution cannot be segmented (and what I mean by that)
2016-07-16: A caching and zone refresh problem with Unbound
2016-07-15: Sudo and changes in security expectations (and user behaviors)
2016-07-14: Your C compiler's optimizer can make your bad programs compile
2016-07-13: Our central web server, Apache, and slow downloads
2016-07-12: How we do MIME attachment type logging with Exim
2016-07-11: Why Python can't have a full equivalent of Go's gofmt
2016-07-10: Some options for logging attachment information in an Exim environment
2016-07-09: How Exim's ${run ...} string expansion operator does quoting
2016-07-08: Some notes on UID and GID remapping in the Illumos/OmniOS NFS server
2016-07-06: Keeping around an index to the disk bays on our iSCSI backends
It turns out that viruses do try to conceal their ZIP files
2016-07-04: A feature I wish the Linux NFS client had: remapping UIDs and GIDs
2016-07-03: An irritating little bug in the latest GNU Emacs Python autoindent code
2016-07-02: cal's unfortunate problem with argument handling
2016-07-01: How backwards compatibility causes us pain with our IMAP servers

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