Wandering Thoughts archives

2016-08-31: Python 3 module APIs and the question of Unicode conversion errors
The various IDs of disks, filesystems, software RAID, LVM, et al in Linux
2016-08-30: Bourne's getopts sadly makes simple shell scripts more cluttered and verbose
2016-08-29: Phones and tablets are going to change what sort of passwords I use
2016-08-28: My logic of blocking certain sorts of attachments outright
2016-08-26: Why ZFS L2ARC is probably not a good fit for our setup
2016-08-25: The single editor myth(ology)
2016-08-24: Blindly trying to copy a web site these days is hazardous
more, less, and a story of typical Unix fossilization
2016-08-23: Link: File crash consistency and filesystems are hard
Link: Git from the inside out
2016-08-22: A belated realization about 'TLS suicide' and user CGIs et al
An interesting case of NFS traffic (probably) holding a ZFS snapshot busy
2016-08-21: My pragmatic decision on GNU Emacs versus vim for my programming
2016-08-19: My current Go autocompletion setup in GNU Emacs
Localhost is (sometimes) a network
2016-08-17: A surprising missing Unix command: waiting until a time is reached
2016-08-16: How you tell what signals a Linux process is ignoring
2016-08-15: My ambivalent view on Vim superintelligence, contrasted with GNU Emacs
Some options for reindenting (some of) my existing Python code
2016-08-14: Code alone can tell you the what but it cannot tell you why
2016-08-13: What I did to set up a wireless network and what I have left to do
2016-08-12: I think I'm going to shift my style of Python indentation
2016-08-10: Systemd has a problem with SATA disks behind port multipliers
A look into a future where things assume you have a smartphone
2016-08-08: I need more than one way to get on the Internet from home
2016-08-07: Why I like the sam editor
The harm that comes from ZFS not being GPL-compatible
2016-08-05: Free software licenses are social things, not just legal ones
It's likely worth re-detecting your system's sensor chips every so often
2016-08-03: Some malware that sends interesting fake mailing list messages
Containerization as the necessary end point of deployment automation
2016-08-01: My new key binding hack for xcape and dmenu

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