Wandering Thoughts archives

2016-09-30: Some git repository manipulations that I don't know how to do well
In search of modest scale structured syslog analysis
2016-09-29: Making systemd-networkd really skip trying IPv6 on your networks
2016-09-28: Why I switched to the rc shell
2016-09-27: Why we're going to switch from SunSSH to OpenSSH on our fileservers
2016-09-25: How I live without shell job control
A surprising benefit of command/program completion in my shell
2016-09-23: You probably want to start using the -w option with iptables
Git's selective commits plus Magit are a killer feature for me
2016-09-22: Why we've wound up without ZFS ZILs or L2ARCs on our pools
2016-09-20: Today I learned that you want to use strace -fp
2016-09-19: A surprise with switching to holding keys in ssh-agent
My view on spam and potential denial of service attacks on anti-spam systems
2016-09-18: A little shift in malware packaging that I got to watch
2016-09-17: What encoding the syslog module uses in Python 3
2016-09-16: A shell thing: globbing operators versus expansion operators
2016-09-15: What I did to set up IPv6 on my wireless network
2016-09-14: When iptables SNAT and routing happens, and how this is annoying
2016-09-13: I don't understand Linux iptables NAT as well as I should
2016-09-12: A bunch of my sysadmin work seems to be like gardening
2016-09-11: We're probably going to see a major Certificate Authority de-trusted
2016-09-10: Link: Actually using ed
Some notes on curating the set of CAs that Firefox trusts
2016-09-09: Someone's exploiting Google's account recovery system to send spam
2016-09-08: Why my smartphone is going to be an iPhone
2016-09-06: Modules should never raise core Python exceptions
2016-09-05: Using Magit to selectively discard changes in your git working tree
An argparse limitation with nargs="*" and choices=...
2016-09-04: What I want in Vim with the mouse (and why I don't think I can have it)
2016-09-03: Why semantic versioning is not going to solve all our problems
2016-09-02: Some thoughts on Python 3 module APIs and Unicode conversion errors

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