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2016-10-31: DKMS kind of has a problem with its error messages
Link: Linux containers in 500 lines of code
Why I'm interested in nftables, the theoretical Linux iptables replacement
2016-10-30: How modern SSH key exchange provides (strong) protection against attacks
2016-10-29: More on SSH, public key authentication, and 'man in the middle' attacks
2016-10-28: How I set up a DHCP client for my backup Internet connection
2016-10-26: Why I'm unhappy with how Debian builds from source packages right now
What I'm doing to use a Yubikey in Fedora 24's Cinnamon desktop environment
2016-10-24: On classifying phish spam as malware, an update
How I've wound up being one of the people who don't update IoT firmware
2016-10-23: I should keep a released version of the Go compiler suite
2016-10-22: The shutdown program on a modern systemd-based Linux system
2016-10-21: The shutdown command is a relic of BSD's historical origins
2016-10-20: I like the Python 3 string .translate() method
2016-10-19: Writing in Python 3 has been a positive experience so far
2016-10-17: Making my Yubikey work reasonably with my X screen locking
2016-10-16: Why we care about long uptimes
How I managed to shoot myself in the foot with my local DNS resolver
2016-10-15: ZFS's 'panic on on-disk corruption' behavior is a serious flaw
2016-10-14: Watch out for web server configurations that 'cross over' between sites
2016-10-13: How I've set up SSH keys on my Yubikey 4 (so far)
2016-10-12: I have yet to start using any smartphone two-factor authentication
2016-10-10: How and why the new iptables -w option is such a terrible fumble
The modern web is an unpredictable and strange place to develop for
2016-10-09: What I think I want out of CPU performance in a new PC
2016-10-08: I have a blind spot where it comes to using chmod's symbolic modes
2016-10-07: Why OmniOS boot environments don't solve our upgrade issues
2016-10-06: How we could update our iSCSI backends and why we probably won't
2016-10-05: Linux can be really stable under the right circumstances
2016-10-03: My take on Git rebasing versus cherry-picking
2016-10-02: Why I've put a Twitter client on my smartphone
The MyDoom worm is still out there

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