Wandering Thoughts archives

2016-11-30: I suspect that lots of IPv6 hosts won't have reverse DNS
Terminals are not enough (sysadmin version)
2016-11-28: Some thoughts about options for light Unix laptops
Some impressions after a brief exposure to a Dell Chromebook 13
2016-11-27: The Chromebook login problem
2016-11-26: What I did to set up IPv6 on my wireless network so it really worked
2016-11-25: Why we don't and can't use the pam_exec PAM module
2016-11-23: Sometimes a little change winds up setting off a large cascade of things
We may have seen a ZFS checksum error be an early signal for later disk failure
2016-11-21: Link: RFC 6919: Further Key Words for Use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels
What I'd like in Illumos/OmniOS: progressive crash dumps
I've wound up feeling tentatively enthusiastic about Python 3
2016-11-20: Is it time to not have platform-dependent integer types in languages?
2016-11-19: Why I don't think subscription-based charging gets you stability
2016-11-18: Unix shells and the problem of too-smart autocompletion
2016-11-17: Link: Twice the bits, twice the trouble: vulnerabilities induced by migrating to 64-bit platforms
The somewhat odd subject of Django versus Python
2016-11-16: Go's arbitrary-precision constants and cross compilation
2016-11-14: Open source and the problem of pure maintenance
2016-11-13: Why I believe native apps are not doomed by progressive web apps
Modern shells and running shell scripts while seteuid
2016-11-11: My view on accepting bounces and replies to your email
Yahoo Groups slides further down the spam source slope
2016-11-09: Getting a Yubikey 4 working on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and other older Linuxes (in PIV mode)
I assume that it's always possible to compromise our security somehow
2016-11-08: Security often involves not doing things
2016-11-07: Why we have multiple wireless networks around here
The other reason why I've wound up not interested in firewall managers
2016-11-06: Admitting that I have have a non-simple firewall setup
2016-11-05: Web pages versus APIs, or my views on handling 'bad' requests
2016-11-04: Caution is a mistake in modern web servers and apps
2016-11-03: I suspect that browsers are not fully prepared for bad CAs
2016-11-01: Encouragingly, browsers have not backed down over WoSign

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