Wandering Thoughts archives

2016-12-31: I wish new editors thought about their overall ecology too
Ubuntu's AppArmor system is reasonably and pleasantly non-obnoxious
2016-12-30: A few useful standard readline bindings
2016-12-29: One reason why Go's increment and decrement statements are good to have
2016-12-28: The HTML IMG attributes and styling that I think I want
2016-12-26: A perhaps surprising consequence of Requires dependencies in systemd
Some new-to-me Vim motion commands that I want to try to remember
2016-12-25: What can be going on with your custom management commands in Django 1.10
2016-12-24: I should stop reading some mailing lists during breaks and vacations
2016-12-23: Why the gosimple program is great
2016-12-22: Malware is definitely out there and it's targeting us specifically
2016-12-21: An important little detail of our ZFS spares setup
2016-12-20: In praise of zpool history
2016-12-19: Don't assume you can renew TLS certificates whenever you want to
The great thing about using Let's Encrypt is the automation
2016-12-18: People may be accepting that security questions are a bad idea
2016-12-17: Some conference spammers mutate to show they're definitely spammers
2016-12-15: I now think you should have lots of Let's Encrypt accounts
Understanding the Let's Encrypt authorization process
2016-12-14: Vi, movement commands, efficiency, and me
2016-12-12: Some of my views on Naftali Harris's 'Python 2.8'
Realizing that I'm not actively attracted to FreeBSD for my desktop
2016-12-11: Fedora has become something you can't run if security matters much
2016-12-10: My view of using a docked laptop as my main machine
2016-12-09: It's a good idea to test your spare disks every so often
2016-12-08: Trailing text, a subtle gotcha with Go's fmt.Sscanf
2016-12-07: One reason why user namespaces keep enabling Linux kernel security issues
2016-12-05: My RPM build setup no longer works on Fedora for some packages
One advantage of 'self-hosted' languages
2016-12-04: Terminals are not enough (personal edition)
2016-12-03: One reason why rogue wireless access points are a bigger risk at universities
2016-12-02: IPv6, point to point links, and subnet lengths

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