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2017-01-31: Email attachments of singleton nested zipfiles are suspicious
2017-01-30: Why having CR LF as your line ending is a mistake
How you can abruptly lose your filesystem on a software RAID mirror
2017-01-29: How Unix erases things when you type a backspace while entering text
2017-01-28: What we still use ASCII CR for today (on Unix)
2017-01-27: Conversations, conversational units, and Twitter
2017-01-26: Things that make Go channels expensive to implement
2017-01-25: I think docstrings in Python are for everything, not just public things
2017-01-23: Linux desktops and pre-packaged machines from big vendors
My still-mixed feelings about Python's docstrings
2017-01-22: An Ubuntu default Bash setup that irritates me, especially for root
2017-01-20: Why tiling window managers are not really for me (on the desktop)
Spam and virus filtering on email is a risk (although likely not a big one)
2017-01-19: Thinking about how to add some SSDs on my home machine
2017-01-18: Exim, IPv6, and hosts that MX to localhost
2017-01-17: Making my machine stay responsive when writing to USB drives
2017-01-16: Linux is terrible at handling IO to USB drives on my machine
2017-01-15: Link: Let's Stop Ascribing Meaning to Code Points
Some notes on 4K monitors and connecting to them
2017-01-14: My picks for mind-blowing Git features
2017-01-13: The ZFS pool history log that's used by 'zpool history' has a size limit
2017-01-12: Modern ad networks are why adblockers are so effective
2017-01-11: ZFS's potentially very useful 'zpool history -i' option
2017-01-10: Picking FreeType CJK fonts for xterm on a modern Linux system
2017-01-09: Making modern FreeType-using versions of xterm display CJK characters
2017-01-08: One downside of a queued IO model is memory consumption for idle connections
2017-01-07: How ready my Firefox extensions are for Firefox Electrolysis
2017-01-06: Web adblockers and the potential for recreating the Usenet killfile problem
2017-01-05: Mail submission by users versus by your machines
2017-01-04: Make sure that (system) email works on every machine
2017-01-02: Software should support configuring overall time limits
ZFS may panic your system if you have an exceptionally slow IO

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