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2017-02-28: Using Certificate Transparency to monitor your organization's TLS activity
2017-02-27: The conflict between wildcard TLS certificates and Certificate Transparency
2017-02-26: In Python, strings are infinitely recursively iterable
How recursively flattening a list raises a Python type question
2017-02-25: A single email message with quite a lot of different malware
2017-02-24: What an actual assessment of Ubuntu kernel security updates looks like
How ZFS bookmarks can work their magic with reasonable efficiency
2017-02-22: ZFS bookmarks and what they're good for
Sometimes it can be hard to tell one cause of failure from another
2017-02-20: Some notes on moving a software RAID-1 root filesystem around (to SSDs)
Some views on the Corebird Twitter client
2017-02-19: Using pup to deal with Twitter's increasing demand for Javascript
2017-02-17: robots.txt is a hint and a social contract between sites and web spiders
Sometimes, firmware updates can be a good thing to do
2017-02-16: Waiting for a specific wall-clock time in Unix
2017-02-15: Another risk of hardware RAID controllers is the manufacturer vanishing
2017-02-14: Does CR LF as a line ending cause extra problems with buffers?
2017-02-13: What file types we see inside singleton nested zipfiles in email
2017-02-12: I'm too much of a perfectionist about contributing to open source projects
2017-02-11: Different ways you can initialize a RAID-[567+] array
2017-02-10: Python won't (and can't) import native modules from zip archives
2017-02-09: Malware strains may go away sometimes, but they generally come back
2017-02-08: How to see and flush the Linux kernel NFS server's authentication cache
2017-02-06: Systemd's slowly but steadily increased idealism about the world
Our advantage in reliable backups is that we get restore requests
2017-02-05: Systemd should be better than it is, but it is still our best init system
2017-02-04: My views on X (Windows)
2017-02-03: What it's sensible to use a bunch of Unix swap space for
2017-02-02: Link: Four Column ASCII
Sometimes you get lucky and apparently dead disks come back to life

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