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2017-03-31: I quite like the simplification of having OpenSSH canonicalize hostnames
What I know about process virtual size versus RSS on Linux
2017-03-30: What top's SHR field means in quite modern Linux kernels
2017-03-29: The work of safely raising our local /etc/group line length limit
2017-03-28: What affects automatically removing old kernels on Ubuntu
2017-03-27: Link: The Unix Heritage Society now has the 8th, 9th, and 10th editions of Research Unix
We're probably going to upgrade our OmniOS servers by reinstalling them
2017-03-26: Your exposure from retaining Let's Encrypt account keys
2017-03-24: An odd and persistent year old phish spammer
2017-03-23: ARM servers had better just work if vendors want to sell very many
2017-03-22: Setting the root login's 'full name' to identify the machine that sent email
Making sure you can identify what machine sent you a status email
2017-03-20: Modern Linux kernel memory allocation rules for higher-order page requests
My theory on why Go's gofmt has wound up being accepted
2017-03-19: Using Firefox's userContent.css for website-specific fixes
2017-03-18: Part of why Python 3.5's await and async have some odd usage restrictions
2017-03-17: Overcommitting virtual memory is perfectly sensible
2017-03-16: How we can use yield from to implement coroutines
2017-03-15: Sorting out Python generator functions and yield from in my head
2017-03-13: OpenSSH's IdentityFile directive only ever adds identity files (as of 7.4)
What should it mean for a system call to time out?
2017-03-12: CSS, <pre>, and trailing whitespace lead to browser layout weirdness
2017-03-11: Your live web server probably has features you don't know about
2017-03-10: Malware is sometimes sent through organized, purchased infrastructure
2017-03-09: I wish you could whitelist kernel modules, instead of blacklisting them
2017-03-08: An AMD Ryzen is unlikely to be my next desktop's CPU
2017-03-06: Modern X Windows can be a very complicated environment
2017-03-05: Why I (as a sysadmin) reflexively dislike various remote file access tools for editors
2017-03-04: Should you add MX entries for hosts in your (public) DNS?
2017-03-03: Why exposing only blocking APIs are ultimately a bad idea
Some notes on ZFS per-user quotas and their interactions with NFS
2017-03-01: Cheap concurrency is an illusion (at least on Unix)

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