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Your live web server probably has features you don't know about

As has become traditional, I'll start with my tweet:

TIL that Ubuntu gives you an Apache /cgi-bin/ script alias that maps to /usr/lib/cgi-bin. Do you know what's in that dir on your web server?

Most web servers have configuration files and configuration processes that are sufficiently complicated that almost no one writes configurations for them from scratch from the ground up. For their own reasons, these servers simply require you to specify too many things; all of the modules you want loaded, all of the decisions about character set mappings, all of the sensible defaults that must actually be explicitly specified in a configuration file somewhere, and so on. Instead, to configure many web servers we start from vendor supplied configuration files; generally this is our OS vendor. In turn the OS vendor's configuration is generally derived from a combination of the standard or example configuration file in the upstream source plus a number of things designed to make an installed web server package work 'sensibly' out of the box.

Very frequently, this configuration contains things that you may not have expected. My discovery today was one of them. From the perspective of Ubuntu (and probably Debian), this configuration makes a certain amount of sense; it creates an out of the box feature that just works and that can be used by other packages that need to provide CGI-BINs that will 'just work' on a stock Ubuntu Apache without further sysadmin intervention. This is the good intention that is generally behind all of these surprises. In practice, though, this makes things work in the simple case at the cost of giving people surprises in the complex one.

(I suspect that Apache is especially prone to this because Apache configuration is so complex and baroque, or at least it is as usually presented. Maybe there is a small, simple hand-written configuration hiding deep inside all of the standard mess.)

I don't have any great fixes for this situation. We're probably never going to hand write our Apache configurations from the ground up so that we know and understand everything in them. This implies that we should at least scan through enabled modules and configuration snippets to see if anything jumps out at us.

This issue is related to but not quite the same as web server configurations that cross over between virtual hosts. In the crossover case we wanted Apache UserDirs, but only on one virtual host instead of all of them; in today's /cgi-bin/ script alias case, we didn't want this on any virtual host.

(Looking back at that entry I see that back then I was already planning to audit all the Apache global settings as a rainy day project. I guess I should move it up the priority list a bit.)

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