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2017-04-30: Some more feelings on nondeterministic garbage collection
Do we want to standardize the size of our root filesystems on servers?
2017-04-29: Some versions of sort can easily sort IPv4 addresses into natural order
2017-04-28: Hardware RAID and the problem of (not) observing disk IO
2017-04-27: Understanding Git's model versus understanding its magic
2017-04-26: Coming to a better understanding of what git rebase does
2017-04-24: What we need from an Illumos-based distribution
Corebird and coming to a healthier relationship with Twitter
2017-04-23: How I rebased changes on top of other rebased changes in Git
2017-04-21: OmniOS's (suddenly) changed future and us
Link: Rob Landley's Linux Memory Management Frequently Asked Questions
A surprising reason grep may think a file is a binary file
2017-04-20: The big motivation for a separate /boot partition
2017-04-19: Some things on how PCs boot the old fashioned BIOS way
For me Chrome clearly wins over Firefox on Javascript-heavy websites
2017-04-17: Shrinking the partitions of a software RAID-1 swap partition
Link: Introduction to Certificate Transparency for Server Operators
What I mostly care about for speeding up our Python programs
2017-04-16: Migrating a separate /boot filesystem into the root filesystem
2017-04-14: Planning out a disk shuffle for my office workstation
Sometimes laziness doesn't pay off
2017-04-12: On today's web, a local Certificate Authority is fairly dangerous
Generating good modern self-signed TLS certificates in today's world
2017-04-10: How TLS certificates specify the hosts they're for
2017-04-09: A single .jar recognized as several types of malware at once
2017-04-08: Doing things the clever way in Exim ACLs by exploiting ACL message variables
Wayland is now the future of Unix graphics and GUIs
2017-04-07: Spammers probably aren't paying any particular attention to you
2017-04-05: Making your SMTP rejection messages be useful for you
Why the modern chown command uses a colon to separate the user and group
2017-04-03: Some DNSBL developments I've just heard about
Why modules raising core exceptions mostly hurts, not helps, your users
2017-04-02: The Spamhaus CSS includes more than dedicated spam ranges

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