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2017-05-31: How a lot of specifications are often read
Why one git fetch default configuration bit is probably okay
2017-05-29: Configuring Git worktrees to limit what's fetched on pulls
2017-05-28: My thoughts on git worktrees for me (and some notes on things I tried)
Specifications are ultimately defined by their implementations
2017-05-26: Why globally unique IDs are useful for syndication feed entries
2017-05-25: Using Linux's Magic Sysrq on modern keyboards without a dedicated Syrq key
URLs are terrible permanent identifiers for things
2017-05-24: Exploiting Python's Global Interpreter Lock for atomic operations is fun
2017-05-22: Safely using Python's Global Interpreter Lock is quite tricky and subtle
2017-05-21: We use jQuery and I've stopped feeling ashamed about it
A 'null MX' is also useful for blocking forged senders from non-email domains
2017-05-20: We now have an officially standardized 'null MX' record
2017-05-19: I'm not sure what I feel about this web spider's User-Agent value
2017-05-18: A shift in the proper sizes of images on web pages
2017-05-17: Unfortunately I don't feel personally passionate about OmniOS
2017-05-15: Thinking about how much asynchronous disk write buffering you want
How we failed at making all our servers have SSD system disks
2017-05-14: People don't like changes (in computer stuff)
2017-05-13: People don't patch systems and that's all there is to it
2017-05-12: Where bootstrapping Go with a modern version of Go has gotten faster
2017-05-11: The challenges of recovering when unpacking archives with damage
2017-05-10: Building the Go compiler from source from scratch (on Unix)
2017-05-08: Some things I've decided to do to improve my breaks and vacations
2017-05-07: ZFS's zfs receive has no error recovery and what that implies
A mistake I made when setting up my ZFS SSD pool on my home machine
2017-05-05: The temptation of a Ryzen-based machine for my next office workstation
Digging into BSD's choice of Unix group for new directories and files
2017-05-04: My views on using LVM for your system disk and root filesystem
2017-05-03: Sometimes, chmod can fail for interesting reasons
2017-05-01: When a TLS client's certificate is offered to the TLS server

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