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2017-06-30: Our current generation fileservers have turned out to be too big
Why big Exim queues are a problem for us in practice
2017-06-29: The TLDs of sender addresses for a week of our spam (June 2017 edition)
2017-06-28: I don't think you should increase ZFS on Linux's write buffering
2017-06-26: Our MTAs should probably be able to create backpressure
2017-06-25: Thinking through issues a mail client may have with SMTP-time rejections
One tradeoff in email system design is who holds problematic email
2017-06-23: In praise of uBlock Origin's new 'element zapper' feature
Links: Git remote branches and Git's missing terminology (and more)
My situation with Twitter and my Firefox setup (in which I blame pseudo-XHTML)
2017-06-22: Why we're not running the current version of Django
2017-06-21: The oddity of CVE-2014-9940 and the problem of recognizing kernel security patches
2017-06-19: Plan for manual emergency blocks for your overall mail system
How I'm currently handling the mailing lists I read
2017-06-17: One reason you have a mysterious Unix file called 2 (or 1)
2017-06-16: Go interfaces and automatically generated functions
The (current) state of Firefox Nightly and old extensions
2017-06-15: Why I am not installing your app on my phone
2017-06-14: The difference between ZFS scrubs and resilvers
2017-06-12: Resilvering multiple disks at once in a ZFS pool adds no real extra overhead
2017-06-11: Why filing away mailing lists for a while has improved my life
How to see raw USB events on Linux via usbmon
2017-06-10: One downside of the traditional style of writing Unix manpages
2017-06-09: My .procmailrc has quietly sort of turned into a swamp
2017-06-08: In practice, putting SSDs into 3.5" drive bays is a big hassle
2017-06-06: A humbling experience of misreading some simple (Go) code
The IPv6 address lookup problem (and brute force solution)
2017-06-05: Another case of someone being too clever in their User-Agent field
2017-06-04: Link: The evolution of Unix's overall architecture
Why the popen() API works but more complex versions blow up
2017-06-03: The Python Gilectomy project's performance problem
2017-06-02: My views on the JSON Feed syndication feed format

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