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2017-07-31: Using policy based routing to isolate a testing interface on Linux
Link: How does "the" X11 clipboard work?
Modern web page design and superstition
2017-07-30: Some terrible article page design elements on the modern web
2017-07-29: The differences between how SFTP and scp work in OpenSSH
2017-07-28: Our (Unix) staff groups problem
2017-07-26: The continuity of broad systems or environments in system administration
Why I care about Apache's mod_wsgi so much
2017-07-25: If you're going to use PyPy, I think you need servers
2017-07-24: Trying to understand the ZFS l2arc_noprefetch tunable
2017-07-23: Understanding a bit about the SSH connection protocol
2017-07-21: When the SSH protocol does and doesn't do user authentication
2017-07-20: I'm cautiously optimistic about the new OmniOS Community Edition
HTTPS is a legacy protocol
2017-07-19: I've become resigned to Firefox slowly leaking memory
2017-07-18: Python's complicating concept of a callable
2017-07-17: Link: NASA DASHlink - Real System Failures
Why I think Emacs readline bindings work better than Vi ones
2017-07-16: Why upstreams can't document their program's behavior for us
2017-07-14: Some people feel that all permanent SMTP failures are actually temporary
Link: ZFS Storage Overhead
SELinux's problem of keeping up with general Linux development
2017-07-12: Understanding the .io TLD's DNS configuration vulnerability
Recursive DNS servers send the whole original query to authoritative servers
2017-07-11: The BSD r* commands and the history of privileged TCP ports
2017-07-10: Ubuntu's 'Daily Build' images aren't for us
2017-07-09: Why we're not currently interested in PXE-based Linux installs
2017-07-08: I wish you could easily update the packages on Ubuntu ISO images
2017-07-07: Programming Bourne shell scripts is tricky, with dim corners
2017-07-06: Link: Survey of [floating point] Rounding Implementations in Go
My current views on Shellcheck
2017-07-05: How I shot my foot because the Bourne shell is different
2017-07-04: LinkedIn is still trying to send me email despite years of rejections
2017-07-02: Re-applying CPU thermal paste fixed my CPU throttling issues
Moving to smaller fileservers for us probably means no more iSCSI SAN

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