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2017-08-31: With git, it's useful to pick the right approach to your problem
People probably aren't going to tell you when your anti-spam systems are working
2017-08-30: We've wound up using the spam scores from some other mail systems
2017-08-28: OpenSSH has an annoyingly misleading sshd error log message
The types of attachments we see for malware-laden email
2017-08-27: Is bootstrapping Go from source faster using Go 1.9 or Go 1.8?
2017-08-25: The probable coming explosion of Firefox 57
Fedora 26 and a font rendering dilemma for me
2017-08-23: Why Go changes its minimum version requirements for OSes (and hardware)
An unexpected risk of using Go is it ending support for older OS versions
2017-08-22: Understanding rainbow tables
2017-08-21: Hashed Ethernet addresses are not anonymous identifiers
2017-08-20: The surprising longevity of Unix manpage formatting
2017-08-19: Subnets and early Unix implementations of TCP/IP networking
2017-08-18: How ZFS on Linux names disks in ZFS pools
2017-08-16: The three different names ZFS stores for each vdev disk (on Illumos)
Things I do and don't know about how ZFS brings pools up during boot
2017-08-15: How to get per-user fair share scheduling on Ubuntu 16.04 (with systemd)
2017-08-14: Chrome extensions are becoming a reason not to use Chrome
2017-08-13: Sorting out slice mutability in Go
2017-08-12: Notes on cgroups and systemd's interaction with them as of Ubuntu 16.04
2017-08-11: Some notes from my brief experience with the Grumpy transpiler for Python
Link: Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery
2017-08-10: On the Internet, merely blocking eavesdropping is a big practical win
2017-08-09: How encryption without authentication would still be useful on the web
2017-08-08: We care more about long term security updates than full long term support
2017-08-07: There will be no LTS release of the OmniOS Community Edition
2017-08-06: Our decision to restrict what we use for developing internal tools
2017-08-05: I've been hit by the startup overhead of small programs in Python
2017-08-04: The problem with distributed authentication systems for big sites
2017-08-03: Imposing temporary CPU and memory resource limits on a user on Ubuntu 16.04
2017-08-02: Why I'll never pick the 'sign in with a Facebook or Google account' option

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