Wandering Thoughts archives

2017-09-26: Using zdb to peer into how ZFS stores files on disk
2017-09-25: What I use printf for when hacking changes into programs
2017-09-24: Reading code and seeing what you're biased to see, illustrated
2017-09-23: A clever way of killing groups of processes
2017-09-22: Using a watchdog timer in system shutdown with systemd (on Ubuntu 16.04)
2017-09-21: My potential qualms about using Python 3 in projects
2017-09-20: Wireless is now critical (network) infrastructure
2017-09-18: Looking back at my mixed and complicated feelings about Solaris
Sorting out the world of modern USB (at least a bit)
2017-09-17: Why I didn't use the attrs module in a recent Python project
2017-09-15: Ignoring the domain when authenticating your Dovecot users
Firefox 57 and the state of old pre-WebExtensions addons
2017-09-14: Sorting out systemd's system.conf, user.conf, and logind.conf
2017-09-13: System shutdown is complicated and involves policy decisions
2017-09-12: The different contexts of stopping a Unix daemon or service
2017-09-11: Giving users what they want and expect, IMAP edition
2017-09-10: I failed to notice when my network performance became terrible
2017-09-09: Letting go of having an optical drive in my machine
2017-09-08: My view of the problem with Extended Validation TLS certificates
2017-09-07: Systemd, NFS mounts, and shutting down your system
2017-09-06: Systemd on Ubuntu 16.04 can't (or won't) reliably reboot your server
2017-09-05: If spam false positives are inevitable, should we handle them better?
2017-09-04: The idea of 'spam levels' may be a copout
2017-09-03: A fundamental limitation of systemd's per-user fair share scheduling
2017-09-02: Putting cron jobs into systemd user slices

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