Wandering Thoughts archives

2017-10-31: We've now seen malware in a tar archive
2017-10-30: There are two sorts of TLS certificate mis-issuing
The Illumos NFS server's caching of filesystem access permissions
2017-10-29: There are several ways to misread specifications
2017-10-28: Why I plan to pick a relatively high-end desktop CPU for my next PC
2017-10-27: HD usage can be limited by things other than cost per TB
2017-10-26: The 'standard set' of Unix programs is something that evolves over time
2017-10-25: Having different commands on different systems does matter
2017-10-24: Our frustrations with OmniOS's 'KYSTY' minimalism
2017-10-23: I've now seen something doing SMTP probing of IPv6 addresses
2017-10-22: Understanding what our wireless password protects
2017-10-21: Multi-Unix environments are less and less common now
2017-10-20: Ext4, SSDs, and RAID stripe parameters
2017-10-18: Using Shellcheck is good for me
I still like Python and often reach for it by default
2017-10-17: My current grumpy view on key generation for hardware crypto keys
2017-10-16: Getting ssh-agent working in Fedora 26's Cinnamon desktop environment
2017-10-15: Unbalanced reads from SSDs in software RAID mirrors in Linux
2017-10-14: A surprise about which of our machines has the highest disk write volume
2017-10-13: Working to understand PCI Express and how it interacts with modern CPUs
2017-10-12: I'm looking forward to using systemd's new IP access control features
2017-10-11: Understanding M.2 SSDs in practice and how this relates to NVMe
2017-10-10: An interesting way to leak memory with Go slices
2017-10-09: JavaScript as the extension language of the future
2017-10-08: Thinking about whether I'll upgrade my next PC partway through its life
2017-10-07: I'm trying out smooth scrolling in my browsers
2017-10-06: Spam issues need to be considered from the start
2017-10-05: Google is objectively running a spammer mailing list service
2017-10-04: My new worry about Firefox 56 and the addons that I care about
2017-10-03: Some thoughts on having both Python 2 and 3 programs
2017-10-02: My experience with using Fedora 26's standard font rendering (and fonts)

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