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2017-11-20: Major version changes are often partly a signal about support
2017-11-19: StartCom gives up on its Certificate Authority business
Getting some information about the NUMA memory hierarchy of your server
2017-11-18: AMD Ryzens, their memory speed peculiarities, and ECC
2017-11-17: When you should run an NTP daemon on your servers
2017-11-16: I think you should mostly not run NTP daemons on your machines
2017-11-15: I've switched from ntpd to chrony as my NTP daemon
2017-11-14: We may have reached a point where (new) ARM servers will just work for Linux
2017-11-13: X11 PseudoColor displays could have multiple hardware colormaps
2017-11-12: The fun of X11 PseudoColor displays and window managers
2017-11-11: What X11's TrueColor means (with some history)
2017-11-10: A systemd mistake with a script-based service unit I recently made
2017-11-09: Why I'm not enthused about live patching kernels and systems
2017-11-08: What it means to support ECC RAM (especially for AMD Ryzen)
2017-11-07: Link: Citation Needed [on array indexing in programming languages]
My new Linux machine for fall 2017 (planned)
2017-11-05: How collections.defaultdict is good for your memory usage
Some early notes on WireGuard
2017-11-04: Why I've switched from GRE-over-IPSec to using WireGuard
2017-11-03: Illumos mountd caches netgroup lookups (relatively briefly)
2017-11-02: I think Certificate Transparency is better for the web than HTTP Key Pinning

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