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2017-12-31: Is the C runtime and library a legitimate part of the Unix API?
Understanding IMAP path prefixes in clients and servers
2017-12-30: Some details of ZFS DVAs and what some of their fields store
2017-12-29: To get much faster, an implementation of Python must do less work
2017-12-28: How our IMAP server wound up running out of inodes
2017-12-27: When you have fileservers, they naturally become the center of the world
2017-12-26: I continue to have strong confidence in ZFS On Linux
2017-12-25: There were Unix machines with real DirectColor graphics hardware
2017-12-24: The interestingly different display colour models of X10 and X11
2017-12-23: Our next generation of fileservers will not be based on Illumos
2017-12-22: Our next generation of fileservers will not use any sort of SAN
2017-12-21: Checking RAM DIMM information from inside Linux
2017-12-20: I feel that Firefox forks that would be useful to me are doomed
2017-12-19: Attachment types that we see in email from Zen-listed IP addresses
2017-12-18: What file types we see inside ZIP archives with only a single file in email
2017-12-17: Some questions someone should ask Mozilla
2017-12-15: Mozilla betrays Firefox users and its nominal principles
How we automate acmetool
2017-12-14: How Python makes it hard to write well structured little utilities
2017-12-13: Our Apache file serving problem on our general purpose web server
2017-12-12: Some notes on systemd-resolved, the systemd DNS resolver
2017-12-11: Some things about booting with UEFI that are different from MBR booting
2017-12-10: Let's Encrypt and a TLS monoculture
2017-12-09: You don't have to authorize a machine for Let's Encrypt from the machine
We've switched over to using Let's Encrypt as much as possible
2017-12-08: Some thoughts on what StartCom's shutdown means in general
2017-12-06: My upgrade to Fedora 27, Secure Boot, and a mistake made somewhere
In practice, Go's slices are two different data structures in one
2017-12-04: Some notes on using Go to check and verify SSH host keys
2017-12-03: Some notes and considerations on SSH host key verification
My new Linux office workstation for fall 2017
2017-12-01: I'm basically giving up on syslog priorities

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