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2018-01-31: Mozilla's Looking Glass 'retrospective' is unfortunately inadequate
How the IPs sending us malware break down (January 2018 edition)
2018-01-30: Reverse engineering some settings for Google Search
2018-01-28: Adding 'view page in no style' to the WebExtensions API in Firefox Quantum
Adding 'view page in no style' to Firefox Quantum's context menu
The limitations of Firefox's Reader mode
2018-01-26: A misbehaving SMTP sender can fool me about malware volume
X's network transparency has wound up mostly being a failure
2018-01-24: What the Linux rcu_nocbs kernel argument does (and my Ryzen issues again)
Some early notes on using uMatrix to replace NoScript in Firefox 56
2018-01-22: The addons that I would likely use with Firefox Quantum (57+)
Doing something when a Cinnamon-based laptop suspends or hibernates
2018-01-21: The temptation of Firefox Quantum for me
2018-01-19: I'm one of those people who never log out from their desktop
2018-01-18: Why Go cares about the difference between unsafe.Pointer and uintptr
A recent performance surprise with X on my Fedora Linux desktop
2018-01-17: My new Ryzen desktop is causing Linux to hang (and it's frustrating)
2018-01-16: You could say that Linux is AT&T's fault
2018-01-15: Meltdown and the temptation of switching to Ryzen for my new home machine
2018-01-14: Our small tools for running commands on multiple machines
2018-01-13: Some plans for migrating my workstation from MBR booting to UEFI
2018-01-12: Open source software licenses matter
2018-01-10: Linux's glibc monoculture is not a bad thing
Glibc and the Linux API
2018-01-09: Differences between keywords and constants in Python
2018-01-08: Link: Some fascinating details of cellular data transmission
2018-01-07: The challenges of having true constants in Python
Link: The Python decorators they won't tell you about
2018-01-06: What's happening when you change True and False in Python 2
What ZFS gang blocks are and why they exist
2018-01-05: Confirming the behavior of file block sizes in ZFS
2018-01-04: The goals and problems of our Dovecot IMAP configuration migration
2018-01-03: A brief review of the Dell XPS 13 as a Fedora laptop
2018-01-02: Some notes on relative imports and vendor/ in Go

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