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2018-04-30: You probably need to think about how to handle core dumps on modern Linux servers
Microsoft's Bingbot crawler is on a relative rampage here
2018-04-29: My new 4K HiDPI display really does make a visible difference
2018-04-28: What sorts of good email attachments our users get (April 2018 edition)
2018-04-27: Some notes on Firefox's current media autoplay settings
2018-04-26: The shifting goals of our custom NFS mount authorization system
2018-04-25: An implementation difference in NSS netgroups between Linux and Solaris
2018-04-24: What the core practical problems with HiDPI seem to be on Linux
2018-04-23: ZFS's recordsize as an honest way of keeping checksum overhead down
2018-04-22: Thinking about why ZFS only does IO in recordsize blocks, even random IO
2018-04-20: The increasingly surprising limits to the speed of our Amanda backups
Spam from Yahoo Groups has quietly disappeared
2018-04-18: The sensible way to use Bourne shell 'here documents' in pipelines
A CPU's TDP is a misleading headline number
2018-04-17: Link: Parsing: a timeline
Go and the pragmatic problems of having a Python-like with statement
2018-04-16: Some notes and issues from trying out urxvt as an xterm replacement
2018-04-15: The unfortunate configuration choice Grub2 makes in UEFI configurations
2018-04-13: For the first time, my home PC has no expansion cards
A learning experience about the performance of our IMAP server
2018-04-12: I'm hoping that RHEL 8's decision on Python 2 isn't Ubuntu 20.04's decision
2018-04-10: Our real problem with a removal of Python 2 is likely to be our users
2018-04-09: Power consumption numbers for my 2018 home and work machines
2018-04-08: The interesting question of whether Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will include Python 2
A learning experience with iOS's fingerprint recognition
2018-04-07: Some numbers for how well various compressors do with our /var/mail backup
2018-04-06: Using Go finalizers can be a better option than not using them
2018-04-05: Switching over to Firefox Quantum was relatively painless
2018-04-04: Today's learning experience is that gzip is not fast
2018-04-03: Sorting out my systemd mistake with a script-based service unit
2018-04-02: Link: Closing the Loop: The Importance of External Engagement in Computer Science Research
I've retired my filtering HTTP proxy

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